How to record a presentation in Keynote

  1. Open the presentation, then click to select the first slide in the slide navigator.
  2. Choose Play > Record Slideshow (from the Play menu at the top of your screen). The presenter display appears with recording controls visible at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Click to record your presentation.
  4. The timer counts down from 3 before recording begins.
  5. Do any of the following while recording the presentation:
    1. Go to the next slide: Press the Right Arrow key.
    2. Go back a slide or reset the builds on the slide: Press the Left Arrow key.
    3. Jump to a different slide: Press any number to make the slide navigator appear, enter the slide number, then press Return.
    4. Mute the microphone: Click to stop recording voiceover narration. Click it again to resume recording narration.
  6. To stop recording, click .
  7. To preview the recording, click .
  8. To play from a specific point, drag the playback slider at the bottom of your screen to where you want to start, then click .
  9. To edit the recording, do one of the following:
  10. Re-record from a specific location: Drag the playback slider at the bottom of your screen to where you want to start recording, then click . Choose Record in the pop-up menu to begin recording.
  11. Delete the entire recording: Click in the bottom-right corner of your screen, then select Clear.
  12. Press Esc (Escape) to exit the presenter display.

Please note that Keynote does not offer the option to record your presentation with webcam.

How to export your Keynote presentation as an MP4 file

  1. Select the File drop down menu.
  2. Choose Export To.
  3. Then select QuickTime or Movie (depending on the version of Keynote that you have).
  4. Go to the exported file and rename the end of the file format from .m4v to .mp4.